If the changing seasons delight you; if you're happy in your garden and love cooking what you grow;

if you keep hens and like flowers on your table - join me and we'll share the joys of life here at the Kitchen Garden.


Spring Sale

Although I no longer have a shop, we randomly open the house and garden on an ad-hoc basis. We hold pop-ups at Christmas, garden parties during the summer, and take stalls at fairs.

Thank you for visiting our NGS Open Gardens last month and come and hear my talk and see the poultry at Hens & Gardens at Great Comp on June 18th.

We’re having a book sale. Here’s the last chance to buy the last few copies of The Big Book of Garden Hens, All my Eggs in One Basket and its sequel Flying the Coop at ridiculously low prices. Beautifully illustrated with lovely drawings and photographs, packed with recipes and gardening and hen keeping tips, buy a couple to give away as presents for friends.


Keep up-to-date with goings-on at the Kitchen Garden-on-Sea with my blog, packed with news, seasonal recipes and pretty photos. I’ll try to remember to offer timely tips for those with hens and gardening advice. Catch up with my columns from the Sunday Telegraph and follow links to recommended websites that I love.