Late summer colour

A rush to get my garden tidy for a shoot by Kristin Perers who was lovely and reassuring. We did the kitchen, garden and some recipes for Sainbury’s Magazine that’ll come out next year, and the results were fabulous. They even got make-up and hair for me – so I looked fairly fab as well (almost unrecognizable in fact). Have a look at Kristin’s inspiring website, and particularly her section: This is 50. Very encouraging.

Trying to extend the season in the garden – that looks as though it’s October already, and my table still looks exotic with Will Dyson’s salvias, some succulents and a strange purple plant called …oh dear I’ve lost its name. The purple is picked up in the distance by stalwart verbena bonariensis, that’s been flowering away (and self-seeding) since May.

I find, if the table that can be seen from the kitchen, is looking good, the rest of the garden is forgiven, and that’s not just because I’m short-sighted. I have a similar ruse round the front door: lots of interesting plants to welcome visitors. On the subject of visitors, I’ve had a few. Living by the seaside during a good summer brings the whole family flocking. And by next year we’ll have a beach hut, so bring on the hoards.

Enjoy these last few days of summer.