17th April 2012

I had always promised myself that my new hens would not have access to all of my new garden. They would have the orchard and wild section (an area 100ft x 50ft) but the area close to the house, where we sit and where grandson Ludo can play – when the weather improves – would be chicken poo free. Of course that never quite happened. I’m always so charmed by my flock’s desire to spend time near me that it’s access all areas. So far……

With the planting up of the veg beds and the new spring border and Ludo’s desire to up and going, I’m going to have to bite the bullet and close the gate. Of course there’s plenty of grass in the orchard and beyond, but in order to provide a constant supply of greens – spinach, beet and salads – I’m planting up a succession of blue plastic grocers’ boxes, lined with newspaper, filled with compost and sown with seed. If rescued before being pecked to the ground, these crops should recover and then can be offered again when the contents have re-sprouted.

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