17th December 2012

Well, here I am, covered in dust again. With breath-taking timing, James my builder finally arrived just before our pop-up shop opened. Hopefully, customers didn’t notice the fine veneer of dust over everything, and we had a wonderful day with lots of customers, enjoying a festive atmosphere. Thank you, everyone who made the effort to come, and relieved me of my stock.

Work is going apace, if the banging upstairs is anything to go by, and we’ll end up with an extra bedroom and bathroom, plus a beautiful dormer on the side of the roof. I’m sleeping in the sitting room, and the cat is very put out. This may be a camping Christmas, but I’m still looking forward to it all. Am collecting my goose and some salt marsh lamb from a local farm at Monkshill that supplies the best restaurant round here – the Sportsman at Seasalter, visiting Macknades for fruit, veg and cheese and maybe some Chapel Down Sparkling to wash it all down.

Thank you all for persevering with me over the last year. Next year will bring a new book. May I wish you a Happy Christmas and a good time over the holiday.