18th April 2011

Another scorching spring day! An early morning walk down along the beach, the tide is out and the sky is hazy, and then back to no water in the house for a shower. James the plumber strikes again, and the kitchen and bathroom are non-functional once more. I thought we were moving on into the rest of the house, but there is still an interminable list of last minute jobs before the floor can be laid and the kitchen built. So it’s back out into the garden again to escape the dust and noise and control my frustration.

Progress is slow in the garden as well. But it’s easy to just sit among the blossom with Lulu and dream about what I should be doing. The ground is clay hard and it amazes me that plants are growing. I’m having to water the new grass seed and the pots of plants from Troston that should have found new homes by now. The decking gets laid by my boys during the Bank Holiday weekend when I’m appearing at the Grow your Own Show near Guildford, and then the rest of the garden can be re-organized. I must keep reminding myself that this is a low maintenance garden, and not a chance to show off and design myself a lot of work in the future.

Am beginning to venture a little further afield for a few jollies. Canterbury and Faversham are both within 20 minutes drive or a busride away. I enjoyed Faversham.
It has more listed private houses than any other town in England, and is quirky in patches, with an old quayside and junk shops. Canterbury has more predictable fanchises, but is very beautiful. Whitstable is getting busy.

Happy Easter. I feel both sad and relieved not to be preparing for another Hen Party, but I’m told the village is holding a mini version at the Village Hall in Troston on Easter Saturday.