25th July 2011

The reasons for choosing a particular house are often quite random. In my case, I’d hate to admit that the potential larder, scullery and understairs broom cupboard had quite a lot to do with my choice, and my son Jacques had a big hand in changing that potential into reality. The larder space had been a passageway housing the gas boiler and the scullery housed the downstairs bathroom. It took a lot of skill on his part and money on mine to turn these little plans and schemes into reality. Can I just indulge myself and show off a few pictures?

Other plans, for a new tiny flock for Joy Lane have been put into effect by Martin Gurdon’s broody Brahma who is sitting on eight Orpington eggs in the hope of three pullets for me – no amount of skill or money will have any bearing on the outcome of this one. Max and his friend Liam are building a garage to house Max’s buggy, currently still residing in Suffolk, and James, my excellent builder these past six months has upped tools and gone. I shall miss him.

With the summer holidays and Whitstable Oyster Festival, it has been great having lots of visitors and the whole family (including lovely Ludo) around, and this house and garden has come into its own. A good space for entertaining, emerging like a butterfly from its sojourn as a chrysalid builder’s yard and general dump.