27th October 2011

The hens arrive tomorrow!
And here is their handsome house* – built by my handsome son Jacques. The interior is lined with ply wood and all the joints have been filled with silicone to deter mites. You’ll notice a clever nesting drawer, with easy access to all those tasty eggs, which will be a while coming because my new girlies are just 12 weeks old and will be accompanied by mum.

Can’t wait, but have had a bit of a nightmare preparing their fox-proof run. First attempt by handyman Martin was brilliant, but he has damaged his arm; next try by random builders who couldn’t quite cope with the concept was unsatisfactory and so am now waiting for a third attempt next week. Hope they’ll be safe in the meantime.

Couldn’t quite let the autumn colour slip by without my usual squirreling for Christmas decoration goodies. We’ll be having a small pop-up shop here at the Kitchen Garden-on-Sea on November 27th. Several potters, decoration makers and driftwood artists will be joining in, and Whitstable is a jolly place. Email francine@kitchen-garden-hens.co.uk. It would be lovely to see you too!

*Jacques’ company Moosejaw Woodworks is happy to take on the design and making of bespoke henhouses. Give him a ring on 01227 281 806 or contact him at moosejawwoodworks@googlemail.com