5th March 2012

Where did February go? 
Along with my resolution to blog more frequently, I suppose.

The snow came and went and I celebrated its passing by planting a small spring garden behind the vegetable beds in the shade of my two damson trees. As a background I planted a row of yellow-stemmed cornus, that promptly disappeared against the yellow fence, so I now have a grey painted fence. In front I’ve put in various skimmias, euphorbia wulfennii and stinking hellebores and in the foreground have popped in pulmonarias, brunneras and lovely helleborus corsicus and orientalis that will flower and then show off their pretty foliage in the shade as the trees come to life. All interspersed with snowdrops, snowflakes, arums and cyclamen that grow wild here.

I’ve been watched by two increasingly friendly hens. Yes, I know they were supposed to be banned from that part of the garden, and the fence is ready in place, but later, as summer progresses, I’ll be spending more time in ‘their’ part. And my main reason for excluding them was so that Ludo can learn to walk without skidding on hen poo, and although an expert crawler, we should be safe for a month or two yet, which will coincide with better weather.

Off to visit Bob Flowerdew next week. Will let you know how it goes. And learning to tweet very soon……………….