7th June 2012

Over the past few years, June seems to have exhibited the widest array of weather conditions: one day baking hot for sunbathing, the next - fires on and sheeting rain. At least the latter is filling my nice new galvanized metal rainwater tanks – all three from ebay – collecting rain from house, garage and shed roofs. Although the national reservoirs must now be full to the brim, there is talk of charging gardeners for their water in the future, whether there is a drought order or not. So some kind of water saving for garden use makes sense.

In early spring I wrote and article for the Telegraph (read here) about rain water collecting devices, and there are plenty on the market. Not all are attractive, but not all need to be on display. Some fit flush to the wall and can be hidden along a back wall – have a look at www.premierwaterbutts.co.uk, while www.watermate.co.uk have a good selection of watering solutions including diverters and drip lines.

My two hens are sitting under the henhouse, watching the rain. I saw a lovely pair of call ducks for sale recently, I was v. tempted – but have promised my family never to venture that way again. Those who remember the paddling, dabbling, flying hoards at Troston will understand why!