We’re having an Open Garden Day here on Sunday 27th July to celebrate the publication of Flying the Coop. Am nervous about showing my still very rudimentary plot to visitors, but hope everyone will understand:  this is a work in progress. To distract from the garden’s shortcomings, the legendary Peggy of Peggy’s Puddings will be providing lovely sweet things to eat; Katy Cox of Mighty Fine Things will be selling Bellinis (both alcoholic and non) and I’m hoping we’ll have locally grown flowers for sale. And books, of course.

We’ll be open from 10 till 4 or 5, depending on the weather and how exhausted we are. Please park carefully on Joy Lane, avoiding neighbours’ drives, and bear in mind, this is the beginning of the Oyster Festival in town. Looking forward to seeing you.

Am writing a piece on Bantams in this weekend’s Telegraph. Feel a great debt to a particular bantam – Clio’s silkie/pekin cross, sitting for me, as we speak. My eggs are due to hatch this weekend, so we may have some chicks to see, fingers crossed. Will keep you posted.

Open gardens, Oyster Festival, hatching chicks, bantams.