Lots of lovely little eggs from my new girls – three bantam to two standards in recipes – with real deep yellow yolks from eating garden greenery, just right for batches of pancakes. And signs of spring in the February garden with a bunch of flowers and pretty leaves (on the Home page), not just for Valentine’s Day, but because it’s mid-February and there’s hope in the air. But it’s still cold outside with frosty mornings.

Have replanted a couple of beds. After waiting three years as plants just sat there, with their feet in yellow clay, not growing, just sitting, I decided to start again, to dig them up and add a lot of grit, compost, wood chip and manure to mix in the soil. Elsewhere I’ll just add a mulch which I hope will retain winter’s moisture throughout our inevitable summer drought.

I’ve re-cut my mown grass paths, avoiding the bulb shoots pushing through the meadow, including all the wild gladioli that Max and I planted using the augur drill in November. Looking forward with some trepidation to June when we open as a group for the NGS Yellow Book. I hope visitors will understand, this is still a garden in the making.