Fingers Crossed

With heart in mouth, have taken six Orpington hatching eggs to a friend’s broody to sit on. The dear little Silkie cross settled on six eggs easily, pleased to be given the task that all Silkies love best.  I will be posting pics of her soon, and also tweeting with luck. And sending progress reports via Clio who is in charge. I’m hoping for just two hens, and Clio and her family will keep any extras.

In many ways, I feel irresponsible providing another meal for the fox, but we’ll improve our defences, beefing up my perimeter fences; I’ll keep a closer eye on my birds; indulge in all the advice I’ve been given: radios on, male urine, visits by friend’s dogs; and sadly probably allow my birds less freedom in the garden. The fox who killed my hens was in a bad way, injured with mange, and has probably not survived (95% of urban foxes don’t live longer than 3 years), though if so, he will have been replaced. So like many henkeepers, I shall have to constantly be on the alert.

Bought my hatching eggs at The Hen Party, which was fun, and also the eggs in the photo – outstanding Copper Maran eggs, and pale blue ones from my friend Nicola. Am at the Open Garden Fair at Faversham on Sunday 29th – hope to see you there.