11th December 2013

Busy, busy, busy. Courses at Sissinghurst making this lovely wreath under the tutelage of eco-florists Blooming Green, and to Leith's in Hammersmith to learn how to photograph food with master William Reavell - have a look at his website - you'll recognize his work. Often send in pics of my dishes to the Telegraph, and some are used, but would really like to know what I'm doing. So it's a new camera, close-up lens and hopefully better results. 

The pop-up shop went really well. Thank you to those who made long journeys just to visit. Glad to hear many had an enjoyable weekend in Whitstable, which must have made it all a bit more worthwhile. All cleared away and now hosting book club party this weekend and enjoying Ludo's pre-Christmas excitement. We walk the High Street examining every tree and each shop's decorations in detail. I am a source of disappointment: as "Big tree Granny's house?" has still not been realized, and I don't think my artistic rendition with twigs of burdock and teasels will cut the mustard. 

Hope you all have a good Christmas and to see many of you in the coming year.