13th January 2014

Happy New Year! 

Now all the decorations have been put away, it’s cheering to have a few indoor plants to light up our lives. I’ve planted pots of narcissus ‘Cheerfulness’ that are sitting outside my front door, ready to come inside if the winds get up again; my amaryllis ‘Green Goddess’ have re-appeared; and the cymbidium orchids are flowering their socks off. All these wonders flower year after year, despite my treatment of them. They all spend the summer outside, get fed sporadically with a seaweed drench and come in before the frosts. Well worth the trouble for the uplifting pleasure these plants give.

Hope everyone’s garden has survived the wind and rain. Mine is always boggy at this time of the year, so have put metal net panels on the route to the henhouse to save the path. Have run a length of carpet underlay across the decking to survive the route into the garden, and the hens peer out from under the henhouse during the rainstorms. The back section of the run is sheltered, but it’s still a miserable existence for them, so they come out and hang around the back door, making the decking even more perilous.

Have noticed the blackbird singing at dawn. Hope its not thinking of nesting just yet. But spring will come – could be anytime sooner or later.