14th June 2011

Every time I think I’ll post photos of my progress in the garden, I decide to wait a little longer – till this is done or that is finished. We could wait forever. So I’m sending some pictures of work in progress.

As you’ll see, to one side, the vegetable plot is up and growing a few odds and ends.
Some plants, like the rhubarb, artichokes and raspberries have just been heeled in to give them a home, others like the salads are being eaten, both by me and pigeons – they’ve followed me from Troston, and a squirrel who has been enjoying the strawberries.

The paths are laid with bricks from the house alterations, and are about to get a filling of Dansand, a new organic Danish product that prohibits weeds – no more hours spend on knees with a kitchen knife digging out every plant from the garden that prefers a tiny slot among bricks to their perfectly lovely beds. I will let you know whether it lives up to its promises.

In the middle I have just seeded a lawn which will lead on to the path cut through the orchard. And next is the gravel area, still under construction. Still hundreds of barrowloads to go: of hardcore (from the house), bricks, soil and sand. All good exercise, but not so good for the back.

Not many plants in evidence yet, but am determined to get the basics right to avoid work in the future. We shall see. We gardeners always succumb.