1st June 2011

Another lovely day!

And we even had a little rain – not nearly enough to close the giant cracks in the garden, but the plants look a little happier. They so obviously prefer rainwater to tap. And the garden is filled with daisies, which gives a romantic atmosphere and covers the neglect. I have laid two brick paths, reclaimed from the house, hovering around poor James the builder and rummaging through the skips.

On to the main news – gorgeous little Ludo. Doing well, gaining weight, but sleeping in fits and starts. Nothing can quite prepare new parents. Pale and tired, with good days and bad, they struggle on, like millions before them. Wish I could help more.

Ludo appeared briefly before the press yesterday! We had a photoshoot organized with the Telegraph to illustrate an article on safe gardens for children, and another on the local allotment. The baby waited, allotmenteers waited, no photographer. The baby cried, the gardeners grumbled. Mistakes had been made, so a roving photographer was dispatched from London and eventually all was well. Felt briefly like an inefficient Cecil B Demille.

Thanks for all your good wishes.