1st January 2011

The time has come and I’m moving a week on Friday. I’m ill so it’s an even more slow and painful process. After a few bits of packing I have to go and lie down and cough, but expect I’ll get there. Lots of help from Rena, Lynn, Keith and Evan and nearer the time from my sons.

I’m trying not to look at anything here, just get on with the work at hand, and having a temperature gives one a jaded and unreal view anyway. I can’t even say I’m looking forward to being in my new house, but expect I will, once I get better. But I am looking forward to showing you some pictures and wonder what everyone will think.

Must get on and stop brooding. Pieces to write for the Sunday Telegraph (every week) and a new hen magazine called Your Chickens which makes its debut on January 13th. 

Wish me luck.