21st January 2011

Well, here I am, sitting at my old desk in a new house, a rather grumpy cat on my lap, festooned with wires, as we try to sort out the computer. Thanks to BT, we were without a phone and internet for a week. Amazing how debilitating and confidence sapping it is to be incommunicado. That apart, I feel perky. I do miss my birdies, but know they’re well and happy, and I’m possibly just a dim memory in the back of their feathery minds.

I shan’t be getting my new flock for a little while, though my new neighbours are enthusiastic, I’ve heard there are foxes. My new garden used to be a 400 ft orchard backing on to allotments and railway lines, a golf course and the sea, ideal foxy territory. Since then land at the end has been sold off and a new house has been built, and the same has happened right along this road, so it’ll be interesting to see just how much of the wilderness remains. Also, there will be builders…..

I’ll be writing about my garden plans (with professional photos) in my piece in the Sunday Telegraph on Sunday 30th, (this week it’s my sons’ old school who have a BTech in horticulture), but promise to give you lots of photos as life settles, and I remember just how to get images on to my computer.

Thank you all so much for your messages of support, they mean a lot. Please do keep in touch on my new email address: francine@kitchen-garden-hens.co.uk. Life is good and busy, no time to miss Troston, but that will come, I’m sure. We all need to mourn changes, and then adapt slowly to new circumstances.