20th March 2013

Feeling a lot better – thank you for your kind emails. And the builders have gone, revealing in their wake a wonderful new dormer window with good views and lots of extra light and space inside. Slowly getting back to normal, decorating and planting the garden. Still another million loads of compost to barrow, but it’s brilliant stuff, and the plants should thrive.

Skip-free, am thinking about my front garden. Waves of verbena bonariensis, iris sibirica fronted by hummocks of lavender in gravel, I think. But first, I must get rid of the weeds and couch. Have lots of builders plastic leftover,
will use it as a mulch for a while. Have rescued the few bluebells, iris and hellebore foetida, and will move the vivid technicoloured roses, much loved by the previous owner. They’ll have to take their chances in the hedge.

Hens on top form, laying well and enjoying the activity in the garden. Am hoping to hatch a couple of pullets when they go broody. Will get some eggs from breeder, Patricia Middleton, who will be joining me at the Kentish version of the Hen Party, run by Sheila Hume in her garden in Benenden on May 18th – for details emailcharles.hume@btinternet.com. Come along – it would be lovely to see you.