3rd May 2013

April has just slipped by in a miasma of paint – everything is covered in sticky coats and nothing is in its proper place. Have just started a final push with son Max, and life is settling back in a more settled, if different, colour-scape.

Planting is underway in the garden with the arrival of some spring-like weather. The bulbs have come and gone, and even those tulips I found in crates in the shed, just a month ago, are beginning to flower. Can’t believe that it’s Ludo’s second birthday soon – he seems to have been part of our lives forever.

Work for the Telegraph carries on with a visit to Kensington Roof Gardens (have a look under the Articles page on this website); I’ve just completed a piece for Gardens Illustrated – coming out next month, and have written a couple for Country Living on friends’ houses. My new book is slowly taking place with a last photo session with Vic Spoff in July. Despite being a quarter as busy as I was in Troston, there is still not enough time, perhaps that’s the human condition.