25th July 2012

Ate my first wild blackberry today. It was sharp, hardly surprising considering the lack of sun up till now. Better to concentrate on English cherries, just nearing the end of their season. I’ve eaten lots this year, thanks to discovering Terry’s Cherries just off the Faversham road. I go for the fruit, but also for the beauty of a traditional cherry orchard, pure 1950’s HE Bates, and a cathedral of 50 foot trees with tapering ladders. Read more from my Telegraph article and try a few of the recipes – some cherry brandy or jam perhaps?

The hens are back out in the garden and laying well, (photographed here by Kate Gadsby who visited last week). They and I are looking forward to the damsons ripening, and the bees are enjoying the bramble bushes – mine are still in flower. With over 200 types of wild blackberries, it’s not surprising they all fruit at different times during the season.

The Oyster Festival is in full swing, with the weekends so crowded in town, that it’s almost worth avoiding, though some of the attractions are worth a visit. Bliss to have some decent weather, at last and a few dips in the sea.