29th August 2012

After a couple of weeks of computer hell, am now sitting in front of a toweringly menacing iMac. I’m sure, like most owners, I will get to love it, but at the moment, the changeover from ancient PC is fraught. In the hiatus between the two, I lost all my history and addresses, so please contact me onfrancine@kitchen-garden-hens.co.uk if are wondering what has happened to anything.

The hens are sitting out another spate of broodiness, which bodes well for future hatchings, but is a bore from the present non egg-laying situation. Because they both copy each other in everything, it makes it harder to break the habit, and there’s no ‘flock’ to get back to.

Meanwhile, lots of sitting in beach huts and on the beach. It has been a lovely summer and my grandson Ludo loves playing house by the sea, though at times we have been more like the characters inside a Swiss weather house, as we pop in and out to escape the showers.