30th September 2012

How the weather has changed! And my poor girls are out with barely a feather between them. Topping up their breakfast with a sprinkling of Poultry Spice to speed their return to snug feathery finery, and offering protein-rich snacks of old cheese, nuts and sunflower seeds. Much needed rain in bucketfulls complete the change to autumnal chill, with the odd gorgeous day in between.

I’m still expecting the return of my builder – or what my friends call my imaginary builder to complete work to the upstairs of this house. Have lived too long in a half world of someone else’s taste, though admittedly mostly in the dark, asleep. Am waiting for the work to be finished before completing the front garden and cheering up my rather dreary frontage.

Have started buying bits and bobs for our Christmas Pop-up Shop, penciled in for December 9th. Had forgotten how much I enjoy shopkeeping!