28th October 2012

Still no builder, so have been excavating the bramble plot at the bottom of the garden. Have uncovered several etiolated evergreen shrubs, now cut back, a massive climbing rose with stems 6 inches thick, another 10 foot of garden, and there in the middle of it all – a fox den! Now obviously derelict, I suppose it dates from a few years back when this garden was an extra 200 foot long, and probably mostly left wild.  Let’s hope no previous inhabitants come back looking for somewhere to live.

The hens are jollier, now that they have a few more feathers, and enjoying the excavation and land clearing work. Cutting back brambles plays havoc with your hands, and I’m covered with scratches, but it’s good to spend a few hours each day working outside. Ludo comes out with me on Wednesdays and we have borrowed Harry-next-doors toy tractor and trailer, so there is much laborious earth moving, apple transporting and pebble collecting.

Made a delicious poached plum pudding topped with sliced brioche drizzled with local roast cobnut oil, dusted with sugar then grilled. Seem to have been cooking a lot, with visitors, Max here still working on the third incarnation of his beach buggy, and an increasing social life, with lots of local produce to be trying out.

Still collecting goodies for our Pop-up Christmas Shop on Sunday December 9th at local carboots and antique fairs, so hope to have the usual eclectic mix, with several creative chums joining in. Please email me on francine@kitchen-garden-hens.co.uk if you’d like details and fancy a brisk winter’s day by the seaside.