2nd September 2013

I love September. The slightly fresher weather, the low light that brightens colours and the harvest of fruits and berries that liven up the garden and hedgerows. I’ve been eating my damsons – and so have the hens, as they sit waiting under the trees – cheering themselves as they moult all their feathers. The apples and pears are still to come, with blackberries, quinces and medlars yet to ripen.

Country Living have been photographing the house and garden, so I suppose the house at least could be called complete. Still the odd thing to finish, a few cushions to make and still the bathroom doors to put on –  too late for this summer’s batch of visitors’ modesty, I’m afraid. I have lots of writing to get on with, no more procrastinating, no more excuses.

A recent visit to Alnwick in Northumberland has broadened my horizons a little, so I have no excuses not to travel a bit. Except for poor Lulu who has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and needs a pill everyday. Any advice on how to give a lovely old cat a pill every day?