8th October 2013

These last few days of glorious weather, before they threaten winter, with a bumper crop of fruit, seeds and nuts, has got me weeding the area round my new fruit trees. I’m buying some new mulch mats to keep the grass from their roots – lots of fruit, but very tiny. And planting meadow bulbs, camassia, alliums, fritillaries and narcissus ‘Actea’ – an early ‘Pheasant’s Eye’ look alike. Am also planning a new woodland garden in the old bramble patch and have been popping in English bluebells, scilla, cyclamen, aconites and snowdrops, that’ll be happy under the oak tree. The ‘meadow’ has been cut and the hens have enjoyed foraging the newly mown grass. A lovely memory that will have to last me through winter. 

A visit to Great Dixter Plant Fair last weekend, (put it in your diary for next year), well worth a trip, plus several visitors from Suffolk, down to the seaside before season’s end, have kept me from writing my book – though it’s coming along, and I’m enjoying looking back over the last three years. 

Planning another, bigger pop-up shop for December 1st with friends, extending to another house up Joy Lane. More details to come.