Summer’s over. We had our last evening drink looking at the sunset down at the beach hut yesterday evening. Sure, there’ll be others, but we’ll be so wrapped up you won’t recognize us! Could this be the time to finish the painting and decorating, when it’s too cold to lounge around? Son Max back from his six-month stint in US with his wife Helen (they got married in Vegas), back and looking for work. Must look out all those jobs I need doing before winter sets in.

Lots of apples wish there was a communal juicer somewhere I could take them. Seems such a waste, especially with no ducks or hens to gobble them up. My most successful crop was Katy, cordoned against the fence, bright red and v. tasty. My two pears have a good burden, but not yet quite ripe. Love pears, so looking forward to them.

Have bought a new Hotbin that will hopefully produce lots of lovely compost to lighten this heavy clay soil. Will also compost Jacques’ family’s food waste – I don’t have much to throw away, but children seem to produce a bit, but this bin will break it all down within 6 weeks.

Lovely weekend out and about, starting with Dixter’s Plant Fair where I bought this bunch of flowers from James Horner (see Sunday Telegraph article). Beautiful, then off to the Walled Nursery in Hawkhurst for wallflowers and The Artichoke Gallery in Ticehurst for their Modern Rustic exhibition. Home to plant the named coloured wallflowers halfway up their stems, at Emma’s suggestion. This is the way to get really good stocky plants apparently. Love the smell of wallflowers, and the dark reds, pale yellows and burnt orange tones.

On Sunday I went to the car boot and Faversham Antique Market, (the first Sunday of the month) where I’ve been buying goodies for our Christmas Shopping day here on December 6th – will give more info nearer the time.